Upgrading Computer Equipment

Upgrading Memory (RAM)

For your laptop or desktop we offer fast, high-quality and affordable upgrades. Computer runs faster after a memory upgrade and is able to do perform more complex tasks.

Memory is one of the most important parts of the computer. Its' function is to store the data. In the memory commands and data from all applications, running on the computer at a given time, are stored. The memory is built from an electronic circuit which is installed in the computer in the form of a chip.

Upgrading the Hard Disk Drive (HDD)

Upgrading the Hard Disk Drive will result in more space where you can store your data.

The hard drive is the most common type of external memory. When turned off it retains its' content. All data on the hard drive (text, images, movies, audios, programs, drivers, ...) are recorded in the files.

Hard Disc Drive consists of several circular metal plates, coated with a magnetic substance, that rotate during operation. Above the drive there is a read-and-write head, which is magneting the surface of the disc (writing), or figuring out the magnetising direction (Reading).

Upgrading the Processor (CPU)

The more powerful processor the easier and faster processing and the ability to perform multiple tasks at once without problems (system freezing, delays, restarting, etc.).

CPU or central processing unit is the central part of a computer that processes information and controls and manages other unit.

Computers are constructed so that the component raplacements are a routine job and interventions can not harm the computer performance. When the service technician opens your computer he also vacuumes dust and other impurities from inside, improving cooling components, allowing faster and better performance of your computer.

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